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Reponse to Barros Serranos from topix

Posted by big mike M on June 11, 2012 at 5:40 PM


I already proved to you that west Africans, AE, south Africans and great lake region people all share a common ancestor! Which is my the 18 dynasty mummies had genetics of the 3 groups I listed. My info proves I'm right! Stop twisting things.

MODERN DAY West Africans did not live in west Africa at that time. There were people there, namely batwa. However, the people who predominate the area now, were NOT there at that time, this is a undisputed fact. Even the recent academic gathering in Chapel Hill discuss this very fact, that early bones/skulls do not match present day people. Obviously, if Herodotus said the Libyans came across kingdoms of people (batwa), who helped them get back to their homeland, then the area was inhabited, the question is, by WHOM.

Herodotus relates a story from some Libyans, who say, when they went into the region where the Niger River picks up, in what I assume may have been Mali, there was a kingdom of Batwa people living there. Also, most if not All west African groups have stories of coming from the north from their present locations. Well that or from the east, but again, not local to where they are now.

Now explain to me why scientist say King Tut died of sickle cells which is mainly found in west Africans?

Also explain to me why scientist say the AE had a closet body plan to AA's then any other???? Note that this not by DNAtribes.

No doubt that Bantu and Ancient Egyptian share the same ancestors. Bantu and Ancient Egyptians are alike. Same as being alike with other African subgroups which also include Tropical West Africans and Sahara Africans (those 2 subgroups to a lower degree). But that was before the diversification of their language into Bantu. Egyptians didn't spoke a Bantu language but a language parent to Bantu languages. Like Germanic to English. Like this:

It is evident that great lake region people(bantu), west Africans, south Africans and Egyptians all shara a common ancestor! You can deny this all you want, but its futile no matter what you do. And why the f**k would I wanna be a Hebrew? I [email protected] religion!

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